Spring Facial Hair Remover

The one thing going through my mind as I stood with tears flowing down my face with this torture device claiming a few of the hairs from my upper lip was 'beauty is pain', shortly followed by 'surely there is a less painful way?!'. Because damn, did this hurt. 

I had picked up the offending torture-inducing instrument the day prior at a Japanese junk shop after hearing some bubble in the beauty community about how magical they were. I am comparable to a yeti in the hair department- I'm rocking a slight ladystache and peach fuzz to match (I'd looked into hair removal creams but my skin is hella intolerant so I've always been too scared to try and I'm trying to avoid stubble at all costs). Naturally, I was pretty excited when I saw this in the shop. Boy, was I wrong!

The second I worked out how to use it, I was instantly in a world of pain. Let me tell you, I have had my fair share of pain from having my toenail sliced off with a scalpel due to infection, kicking said toe minus the toenail on a sharp corner, and consequently my sock turning bright red and my face turning ghostly white. I have smashed my nose into concrete, broken my ankle and the growth plate under my foot- you name it, I've felt the pain of it. This spring facial hair remover is up there with those eye-watering experiences. A scream from my mother when I gave her top lip a whirl was confirmation that I was not alone in this agony and that it was bloody painful. 

There is one positive to the situation (and it's not the fact that my top lip is hair-free because I didn't stick around long enough to finish the whole lip) is that it only cost me $2.80. Thank the Lord. The only thing worse than acute pain is having to pay ridiculous amounts of money to receive a pain sesh of extreme proportions. 

I have heard that the pain factor dies down after a few sessions with this bad boy, but I can't say that I will be sticking around to find out myself. I think I will just leave my 'stache be from now on- and into the bin this device goes. 


  1. I've seen these in action and it really does look like a painful experience. But, it's probably like plucking your eyebrows... eventually you no longer feel anything.

    Ray | Obey Ray

    1. That's the thing though- I've never felt any pain from plucking my brows so I thought that it couldn't hurt that much! But ouch!!! I don't think I'll be going back for round two...