Peachy Keen

I have a love-hate relationship with blush. Ever since I was little, I have always had extremely rosy cheeks- to the point where I have been asked if I was dying of tuberculosis (I wasn't fyi). Blush always seemed a bit ridiculous to me, I could never fully cover my natural blush so it seemed crazy that people wanted to make their cheeks pinker! But as the years passed, I have begun to understand the appeal of a soft rosy glow. Even still, my blush collection is considerably small and I only reach for them on occasion. 

When I was browsing the Estee Lauder counter a few months ago, I spied this beauty- enter Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush in 21 Witty Peach. This blush is bordering on perfection. I am the biggest sucker for anything peachy-pink and ombre-  a winning formula that was love at first sight. But with all the strength I could muster, I closed my wallet and dragged myself away empty-handed. 

Frantic swatching every time I passed Estee Lauder ensued for the next few months until I manned up and took the splurge. When I held the luxurious gold packaging in my hands, I knew I had made a damn good choice. 

Witty Peach is a satin finish which I particularly like as it doesn't look heavy and matte, but it also isn't brimming with chunks of glitter, allowing for highlight to be added to the mix (hello MAC Soft and Gentle). The staying power is relatively good which is a thumbs up from me! The soft peachy-pink colour is flawless and is relatively subtle on the cheeks- you won't be claiming gold at the clown dress-up competition with this one.

I have the feeling that my blush phobia is starting to disappear and perhaps there will be more blush purchases on the horizon...

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