Frank Body

Let's take a much needed break from the flurry of China-related posts. Today's topic of discussion is this brown paper packet of heaven: Frank Body Coffee Scrub.

Frank Body is an online company based in Australia which makes the best darn body scrub I have ever used. Frank Body only has limited ingredients which are all natural. The brand claims that

- Roasted and ground Arabica coffee beans target cellulite and stretch marks
- Brown sugar and sea salt exfoliate the skin
- Cold pressed sweet almond oil nourishes the skin and improves skin tone

which are all flavoured with orange essence to produce a delectable smelling scrub which leaves me occasionally opening the packet between scrubs to bask in the glory of this orangey-coffee scented wonder.

As messy as it looks, Frank Body is actually quite easy to use. The packet encourages you to follow the four step process of "get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean" to give you the softest skin. The only downside is that you need to leave it on for ten minutes to get all of the anti-cellulite/stretch mark benefits. Just standing in the shower covered from head to toe in coffee granules for ten minutes is hilarious in itself which keeps me entertained (I often like to give my hair a deep treatment and apply a face mask to give myself an all-over treatment). The packaging is also more environmentally friendly, waterproof, and darn cute. The best bit though- Frank Body is only $15 for 200g of goodness (free shipping to Australia and $4 to the rest of the world).

Soft skin, here I come!

Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored by Frank Body in any way, this product has been purchased by me. I just really really feel passionate about my love for this body scrub! 

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