All Day, All Night

Damn. Urban Decay- you have bottled makeup heaven. 

I have always had problems with my makeup fading as the day goes on when I need it to last, even with a primer, and by the end of the day I end up looking a bit bedraggled. With my makeup half disappearing during the day, it constantly needs refreshing to avoid the terrifying patchy looks but ain't nobody got time for that.My eyes tend to last the distance thanks to trusty cream shadows acting as a base, but my base- foundation, concealer, powder- fades the fastest despite being the most important. Enter Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray.

In my opinion, nothing on the market beats this little bottle of magic- a few (or ten) squirts of this and my makeup doesn't budge until it's time to take it off. Applying in a cross, followed by an X formation with a few extra squirts for good measure, my face does not budge. I also have a habit of accidentally wiping away some of my makeup, especially during summer, which is not a flattering look, so if I know I'll be out all day or it's particularly hot outside (thanks Australia!). I find it really prevents smudging, smearing, and fading like nothing else can.

Excuse the grubby makeup marks on the bottle- after I finish my makeup, I grab this and go nuts (I always forget to wash my hands first and the bottle ends up looking something like this). But I feel like my foundation fingertips are a testament to my devotion to this spray. I owe this little bottle of magic big time!


  1. Everybody is raving about this product, I really need to try this too!!


    1. It seriously is like magic- for my graduation makeup, I spritzed this on at 5am after I did my makeup and 9pm that night it was still going strong! Seriously magic! x

  2. I love these setting spray and even though at least on me they don't make up stay as long as they claim, it lasts a heck of a lot longer than usual! Xx


  3. I just picked this up to go in my series and I do really like it, although I have found something I like and it works for £14 cheaper!! (Will be coming up on my site)

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