My MAC Experience

Regardless of how much research I put in when I am on the hunt for new products, there is always a chance that I won't like the product. Online reviews and even swatching products in store is often not enough to judge if you will like the product. 

I found this was the case with MAC's Face and Body Foundation. I won't harp on about for too long- I don't want to become Negative Nelly- but I feel like I need to have a quick rant about it. The finish, colour match, longevity were all flawless and this was my Holy Grail foundation for a few months until I realised it was the culprit for the formation of really large, angry, and red splotches across my cheeks, forehead, nose- everywhere I put this foundation. They were unsightly, itchy, and my skin was one *angry* mofo. Not a good look, really. So I took the normal course of action for a beauty lover- I posted a review on Beauty Heaven expressing my disappointment.

Honestly, miracles do happen. I opened up my email one day and there it was. An email from Beauty Heaven which told me that MAC wanted to contact me about my experience. I was of course a little skeptical at first, but quickly got in contact with MAC who offered to exchange my half used bottle of Face and Body for products to its value. Woop! $60 MAC store credit came my way- and of course I picked up the cult classic All That Glitters eyeshadow and Mulch in pan form (to put into a duo palette). 

The whole process took a little under three months which was quite a long time for me to wait, but boy, was it worth it. I got rid of the guilty bottle of Face and Body (which similarly reacted with my mum's skin which is especially tolerant) and received a parcel of MAC magic! It's a win/win...

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