Nudes v Naked

Living in Australia has it's disadvantages: mainly ridiculously expensive price tags and inaccessibility to many brands. Urban Decay, the culprit of both is nowhere to be seen on Australian soil and online shopping has crazy shipping prices to Australia which constantly deters me from placing an order. I desperately want to swatch the Urban Decay Naked palette for myself rather than relying on online swatches to experience the quality and pigmentation of the twelve shadows. However, if there is a will, there is a way. My desperation has led the hunt for a suitable dupe for the Urban Decay cult classic and I think I may have just found the closest dupe on the market. Introducing the Chi Chi Nudes Eyeshadow palette. 

At first glance, it appears to be an exact copy of the Naked palette for a fraction of the price ($17 from Myer rather than approximately $60 for the Urban Decay palette!) and it is available in Australia. However, I cannot compare the two palettes as I have never seen the Naked palette in real life- I will leave that to Rose Marsh and Tram who have done similar reviews but do a fantastic side-by-side comparison of the two complete with individual shade swatches between the two palettes. 

I absolutely adore this palette. It wins points for functionality, price, and for the beautiful shades. My favourites would have to be the second on the top row, the second and third shades on the second row, and the first shade on the bottom. They are stunning colours which work on a range of eye colours for a variety of different looks- elegant, fresh, bronze, and smoky looks. The quality is quite good- comparable to MAC's mineralise eyeshadows. I haven't had too much trouble with fallout. The only downside is that a few shades lack a huge amount of pigmentation (the fourth shadow in row two, and the middle two on the bottom row), but I tend to avoid darker shades, rather opting for more bronze or lighter shades.

I am extremely happy with this purchase and I know that this palette will be well loved in my collection. I adore the shades and the quality is great for the small price tag. What would I do without Chi Chi to save me (and my money)?

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