Stila Portrait of a Perfect Eye

Top Row: Parchment | Organza | Vintage
Bottom Row: Linen | Antique | Rosewood

Stila has really brought it with the Christmas gift sets this year- a huge variety for all different needs, budgets, and products. While browsing Mecca Cosmetica for self-indulgent Christmas treats, I caught sight of the The Portrait of a Perfect Eye eyeshadow palette. Housing six beautiful shades, let me tell you, this palette does not disappoint. For only $24, I highly suggest that you snatch it up in a buy-now-or-regret-it-forever kinda way because unfortunately the palette is limited edition (seriously considering buying a back up- is that wrong?).

The Portrait of a Perfect Eye palette (aptly named in my opinion) contains two matte shades, Parchment (a matte cream) and Rosewood (a matte espresso) and four shimmers: Organza, Vintage, Linen, and Antique. The colours all complement each other extremely well and can be used in countless ways and the palette offers a highlight shade, dark crease shades, and four beautiful shades in between. The palette seems to be ordered in two trios of shadows that particularly complement each other. 

Parchment is a gorgeous colour that is quite a functional shade and can be used in the inner third of the lid for darker looks, all over the lid for daytime-appropriate looks, or swept across the brow bone as a highlight shade. However, this is the least pigmented shade of the six and can sometimes come off as a bit chalky on me. Organza is a shade that I never would have picked out for myself, and one that I thought I wouldn't get much use from, but I actually really love it. This shade is a shimmery (not glittery or chunky at all) brick-toned bronze colour infused with gold shimmer. This looks gorgeous with MAC All that Glitters in the crease or as a lid colour with Vintage blended into the crease and outer corner. Vintage is a gorgeous lightly shimmery mid-toned brown which looks gorgeous for many different looks. I have gotten a lot of use from this shade as the pigmentation is quite good and there is little to no fallout.

The second trio contains three shadows cooler in tone than the first three. Linen is a gorgeous shimmery light taupe which is tied with Antique for my favourite shadow of the palette. Due to the shimmer in both of these shades, there is quite a bit of fallout, but I find placing a tissue under the eye to catch the extra pigment works fine and isn't too much of a faff to put me off using these shades. Antique is also a cool-toned brown and seems to be a darkened version of Linen. The two shades complement each other so perfectly and look gorgeous together, or deepened up with Rosewood in the outer v of the eye. Rosewood is a matte espresso shade with quite decent pigmentation. This shade can sometimes be a bit harder to blend than the other shades but a little extra blending leaves a nice amount of depth to the eye in smokier looks. This shade is also great to use a a liner when paired with a push liner or angled liner brush and gives natural definition to the eyes. These three shades are all lovely and work together so harmoniously that it appears to be a seamless transition between the shades.

I can already tell that all six shades are going to be worked into my everyday eyeshadow looks from now until I hit pan on these babies (hopefully never!). Stila's Portrait of a Perfect Eye is a gorgeous palette that everyone needs in their eyeshadow collection!

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