Summer Essentials: Part II

Welcome to the second instalment of my summer essentials mini-series. I know I'm running late with my schedule- life got a little hectic and took over for the last week (oop!) but I'm back, bring you my body and lifestyle essentials.

Get the Golden Glow
As it is near impossible for me to get a natural tan and the damaging nature of the sun (for more information on this see my blog post Slip, Slop, Slap), I like to fake bake. Surprisingly easy, I take a few pumps of the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Light/Medium on a tanning mitt and apply in a circular motion onto my body. This formula is lightweight and quite blendable on the skin. It leaves a streak and patch free finish on the skin- and the green undertones in the tanner leaves a naturally sun kissed golden glow (no oompa loompa limbs in sight!). 

As the tan begins to fade- quite evenly I must say- I like to top it up with the Le Tan Gradual Tan Daily Glow Moisturising Lotion (what a mouthful!). This imparts just a hint of colour to the skin and a beautiful glow which leaves the skin looking healthy and alive. The only downside is that is has that fake tan biscuity scent, though if you don't go to heavy with it, it isn't too noticeable. 

Smelling Gooood
Lighter fragrances come into play during the warmer months and a light spray of a body mist ticks the boxes for being light, fresh, and perfect for the summertime. I picked up the Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in Secret Charm in duty free and notes of honeysuckle and jasmine smells so beautiful. I like to go a little crazy with this one mmm.

Care for your Body
It is important to keep our bodies hydrated during the summer- with excessive sweating (yuck) and the hot weather, water is an absolute essential for our bodies! Also make sure to protect your eyes from the bright sun during summer as it can be damaging to our eyes.

That wraps up the two part miniseries on all of my summer essentials- kick back, relax, and enjoy the summer!


  1. I love your ray ban glasses, I want a pair like that!! Lucky you that you have such awesome weather, its super cold and miserable here in the UK


    1. Thank you :) I'm the exact opposite! I would kill for winter right about now xx