In Flight Beauty Essentials

Travelling abroad is always exciting but the plane trip more often than not is less than thrilling. My limitless amount of luck always leaves me next to a screaming child, someone who hogs the armrest or refuses to let me past them to use the bathroom. In a superficial way, having a bevy of beauty products on hand always takes my mind off the fact that I am in a confined space with row upon row of other people for nine hours: my relaxation and distraction pack if you like. Let's see what I've got...

I always have dry skin but flying saps all of the moisture from by skin and hair like no other which leaves me a little scaly/flaky/rough/dehydrated the next day which I can assure you is rather attractive on holiday. My skin also goes into meltdown mode- my codename for angry and red- so I like to take a small tube of Sudocrem, a skin trauma cream to help soothe my skin mid-flight. Another soothing product is a little aerosol of thermal water. I like the Uriage Thermal Water Spray as it refreshes and cools my skin- a treat I like to spray on every hour or so. The area under my eyes also gets a bit on the dry side so I make sure I hydrate them with the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Eye Cream.

Face aside, the rest of my body also feels the drying effect of flying: especially my hands, hair, and elbows. To relieve these areas, I like to throw in a hand cream- my weapon of choice is the Wild Rose Hand Cream from the Body Shop which smells divine and imparts just the right amount of moisture to parched fingers (and any other dry areas of the body too which is a win). Mid-flight, I like to add some extra hydration to the ends of my hair with the BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Treatment and whip my hair up into a bun out of the way. 

Finally, my lips are mega dehydrated at least a good 90% of the time anyway, but on flights my lips get so chapped that it's painful. Not fun. I find that Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment really helps in the moisture department. I forgot to picture it here as it was still in my handbag *slaps wrist*, but my Hemp Lip Protecter from the Body Shop is also making an appearance in my carry-on kit. Side note: I'm hoping to pick up a tub of the Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm at Duty Free if I can find one which I am super excited about! 

The Essentials.
Now onto the slightly less interesting portion of the pack, but these items are definitely just as important as the others. Deodorant is an absolute essential in-flight- who wants to be sitting next to a sweaty Betty for nine hours. Need I say more on that front? Another essential is a pack of good quality tissues (I have an irrational hatred towards sandpaper-esque tissues and I'll only use them if I'm desperate), followed by a compact mirror which are both self-explanatory. I also like to carry a calming aromatherapy rollerball- mine's from The Aromathery Co.- for when it's time to nod off or if I'm feeling a little on edge and another rollerball of my favourite perfume to freshen up just before I step off into the magical destination that I'm arriving at (or even the airport for another flight). It makes me feel instantly fresher and Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a cult classic perfume with a dainty floral scent. Mmmm. 

Something a little bit quirky but a whole lot relaxing in a facial massager. I know the company Ying Yu does one available at CultBeauty, but I picked mine up from a traditional Chinese massage market in Beijing in September for a fraction of the price (50 yuan or approximately $10- an absolute bargain!). Basically, you just roll this little device all over your face to tone and massage the face and neck, which I find very therapeutic and relaxing. If you would like a full review on ACA, I'd be happy to do one as I love this roller!

In this portion of the kit, I also like to take anti-bacterial wipes (not pictured) for obvious reasons and a toothbrush (also not pictured) as I will pick these up on the way to the airport. 

Non-Beauty Bits.
When the plane has finished take off and we are zooming through the sky, I like to kick back and relax. I like to remove my shoes and put on a pair of socks. Aren't these Topshop ones just the cutest ever? Next up I like to catch up on all the new movie releases I've missed, whip out my book and get reading, or put my headphones in and get my groove on. Or if all else fails, have a snooze. 

The Makeup.
I like to keep my makeup extremely minimal when I'm flying- I find my makeup goes extremely patchy and dries out my skin further on long haul flights so I like to go bare-faced the entire journey. However, when we're about to land I do like to cover up my dark circles. So out comes the NARS Creamy Concealer in Chantilly. To distract from my horrendous post-flight skin, I like to wear an insanely right lipstick. I find that more vibrant hues really detract from other areas of concern and a blue toned shade makes your teeth whiter after copious amounts of cola! This Revlon Living Lipstick in Orchid Beach is the perfect post-flight shade so I will be rocking this on my lips on my departure. 

So I'm all packed and ready to go! Watch out Singapore, I'm coming for you!

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