Valentine's Day | Nail Edit

With only a few days to go until Single Awareness Valentine's Day, I thought that I would show you an easy love inspired mani to rock this Friday. Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to break out the reds, pinks, and everything girly and sweet so here's my take on romantic yet chic nails. 

First off, I started with a good base coat (Sephora 3-in-1 Strengthening Nail Care Hardening Nail Polish FYI) and then got cracking on the base of this mani- a pale nude shade for the bulk of the nail. This shade just evens out your natural tone and provides a good base for the coloured tips. I applied a few coats of OPI's So Many Clowns, So Little Time and waited for them to dry before attempting the tip.

With your favourite pink toned red (or any variation of the colour of love- I used Ulta3's Pink Colada) and a steady hand, carefully run the brush along the tip of the nail to add a bright tip to the nail. Feel free to use French tip guide stickers- Essence do some good ones- but I prefer to go at it freehand. This might take a while so be patient with it, and eventually you'll have a full set of pink tips. 

If you want to spice it up a little bit, it's easy to add a simple heart-shaped accent on the ring fingers by lining the brush up with the side of the nail and slowly curving the brush into the centre of nail to create half of the heart. Repeat to complete the heart effect. You can leave it at an accent like I did, or do the full set for an extra dose of love in your mani!

Finish off with your favourite base coat and your mani is set to last well past Valentine's Day. This look is super cute and super easy- will you be trying this out? X


  1. This design is so cute and polished! I love it!
    Happy to have found your blog! Following! :)
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. Thank you! After having a read of yours too, I followed back :) lovely blog xx