Shopping Sins: Singapore Haul Part I

It's no secret that I love shopping. I never miss an opportunity to flash some cash around and buy up big, and I fit perfectly in the category of people who go into a shop for one item and walk away with a whole basketful of goodies. Adding to my semi-obssessed shopaholic nature, travelling gives me unlimited reasons to buy, buy, buy (Will I ever see this again?/YOLO/I have to use up my -insert currency here- before I go back home/I can't get this in Australia!/This is just sooo cheap!!/etc/etc). Without any further ado, here are the beauty bits that I picked up on my trip to Singapore at the end of January- note the 'Part I' in the title- Part II will be up soon with all of my non-beauty bits. Also note that I was only in Singapore for eight days (oops).

Let me start off by saying (as a poor excuse to justify the OTT amount of items here), I do not have access to Sephora in Australia, nor do I have access to a lot of the brands in this haul unless I order online (yay for expensive shipping to the land down under and the inability to swatch products before buying) so here goes. Starting off the serious Sephora action, is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, Sephora Matte Eyeshadow in No 50 Cashmere Coat and the Sephora Eye Glitter and Primer in the shade 07 Iridescent. I also picked up two Tarte blushes in the shades Dollface and Exposed, as well as a Caudalie lip balm and mini hand cream. Also from Sephora I picked up the 3 in 1 Strengthening Nail Care Hardening Nail Polish, the Percy & Reed Texturising Spray and Bodifying Cream, as well as a smattering of shower gel pods. Wow, this is getting slightly embarrassing. 

I also picked up three Singaporean nail polishes from the brand Key Fashion. After seeing these in local shops, 711s, department stores, I finally caved and bought three: 004 (a bright mid-toned pink), 012 (a darker pink) and B014 (a blood red with a pearly finish). For the small price of $2.90SGD, these were an absolute bargain and I am glad to report that the quality of these polishes is remarkable- I wore 004 for ten days straight with only one nail with minor chipping (which is unheard of!). If you live in Singapore or a visiting any time soon, definitely pick some of these up- I wish I bought more shades!

As the final destination for all things beauty, duty free was slightly dangerous. First up, I purchased the cult classic Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers and then hit the MAC Counter. Hard. I may or may not have bought five MAC lipsticks (I did). I can somewhat justify it as they were $15 less per lipstick than they are at home which is amazing. I got the shades Impassioned, Morange, Plumful, All Fired Up, and Rebel. It's love.

So that wraps up my beauty buys, watch out for Part II with all things fashion, accessories, and even a cheeky tech purchase...

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