A Formal Affair

The final look/ Makeup/ An elegant up-do/ Dress/ 37 hair pins, a can of hairspray, and an hour later.../ A grand entrance- strike a pose/ Silver on silver

Dear reader,

You are cordially invited to my formal preparations. 

Kind regards, 
Sunny x

What a night! Honestly, one of the best nights of my life. And you're in luck... it was filled with beauty preparations, rituals, and general craziness for me to share.

The Lead-Up:
My formal preparation started with shaving my legs, moisturising, and all of those boring- but essential- bits. I followed this up with a heavy layer of the Le Tan Daily Glow Gradual Tanner to warm up and even out my skin tone. I then cracked out the nail lacquer- Rimmel's Your Majesty to be exact (I have a post on my manicure routine here). 

The Morning of:
Welcome to the more interesting segment of the post. I woke up bright and early to begin prepping for the day. I followed my skincare routine, popped in my contact lenses (being blind is not hot), and jumped in the car to the salon. After a long two hour session with the resident makeup artist and hair stylist, I was looking goood. Slipping into my dress and shoes, I finished it off with a few squirts of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle fragrance- one of my favourites- and I have done. Looking, feeling, and smelling glamorous.

Fast forward to three in the morning the next day- an elaborate three course meal, one thousand photos, two sore feet, and a sleepy smile on my dile, I am pleased to say that this was the best night of my life. Time for round two?

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