David Babaii Haircare

An Australian-made affordable brand that promises beautiful and healthy hair without all the nasties- seems too good to be true. Enter the world of David Babaii haircare...

"David’s celebrity styling expertise combined with advanced cosmetic science has led to the creation of this system, which is set to revolutionise hair care."

When I saw his range make its debut at Priceline, I quickly snatched up the two products at the top of my list:

  • David Babaii Boho Beach Spray (150mL for $24.99): a coconut-beach-summer smell with just the right amount of saltiness that produces the perfect beachy look every time. Just a few spritzes of this and you're good to go- looking like a beach goddess all day. This is my favourite salt spray as it doesn't leave the hair too crunchy or dehydrated, but still gives enough texture, volume, and wave. With bamboo, pearl extract, and dead sea salt, this one really is a winner and has a special place on my bathroom counter.
  • David Babaii Instant Straight Smoothing Balm (100mL for $24.99): David Babaii really is onto a winner here. My hair is quite unruly leaving me with a 'I just crawled out of a bin after a big night' every morning (it's really unsightly), so this is a godsend. I had high hopes for this product- which is delivers. I just slick on a pea sized amount through the mid-lengths and ends of my hair after washing it, and in the morning my hair is far straighter than it was- only requiring a selective straighten rather than a whole head flat ironing session. I have also noticed that it leaves my hair considerably less frizzy as the day goes on- the lovely benefit of living in a stiflingly hot climate. The discovery of this product was a bit of a hallelujah moment- a definite repurchase.

It's lack of sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals in the products teamed with the brand's animal cruelty free stance is a plus as well. I'm looking forward to picking up a few more products from this range- Blow Out Spray I'm coming for you...

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