Lip Rehab

Welcome all those with dry, chapped lips this festive season to a crash course in lip hydration- it's Lip Rehab. We've all been there at some stage with flaky lips that resemble the Sahara desert (what I like to call the Pout Drought) and in today's post, I will show you how to nourish your lips and avoid dry patches.

As the festive season is coming to its pinnacle, it's time to break out the bold lippies and get a little frisky under the mistletoe, but neither is particularly pleasant with dry lips. I bring you the simple two-step process to giving you a smooth smile and kissable lips for Christmas (and every other time of the year!).

1. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Exfoliating your lips regularly will easily remove all of the dry flakes of skin on your lips, leaving them fresh. I particularly like the Bubblegum-flavoured sugar scrub from Lush- smells like candy heaven and isn't too abrasive for my tender lips. Each night before bed, I like to give my lips a good scrub with this one until my lips are nice and soft. Lush advocates licking the sugar particles off your lips on the go, but I don't really fancy a serving of my dead skin cells for lunch so I grab a damp tissue or makeup round and get removing the product. 

2. Hydration Station

However, effective a sugar scrub is at removing the dry skin, it leaves lips feeling somewhat parched. It is crucial to follow up with an intense lip balm. Steer clear of chapsticks as they tend to dry the lips out further and create a dependency on them, but rather apply something deeply hydrating. I'm on my second tube (and yes, it is possible to finish a lip balm before losing it or making an accidental purchase of another!) and this baby does the job. Enriched with hemp, the Body Shop's Hemp Lip Protector is aimed at very dry pouts and is a fantastic option for overnight. I always make sure to apply a good coating of this before I fly off into the realm of sleep and in the morning I wake up with soft lips ready to take on the day.

Lip care may seem like an uphill battle against dryness, but one that is definitely worth the effort- soft lips here I come!

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