The Catch Up | January 2014

The month in photos via Instagram @sunnyvandenberg: A bank-breaking shopping trip | A seat for my sore feet | Day trippin' into Malaysia | The spectacular view from my hotel room | Meet my new best friends from the animal kingdom | Flying high | I was a little bit thirsty at the Merlion statue | Living the high life at Raffles Hotel | Atop Marina Bay Sands- an infinity pool into the sky (yikes!)

Read: January has definitely been the month of The Man Repeller. It's been hard for me to restrain myself for going on binges of Leandra Medine's hilarious and thought-provoking tales regarding fashion. The appearance of her blog posts in my Blog Lovin' feed always puts a smile on my face and reading them always makes me chuckle out loud (often resulting in strange looks from family, friends, and strangers on the bus. Sorry not sorry). 

Watch: I'm going to be completely honest here. I am a trash tv junkie. Give me the crappiest mind-numbing rubbish show you can find and two days later I will have watched every episode of every season. Oops. But the queen of the trash tv shows would have to be Ja'mie Private School Girl. Chris Lilley is the most hilarious actor in my opinion and his portrayal of an Australian private school girl leaves me with tears streaming down my face and sore abs from laughing so hard. Check it out because damn, it is quiche

Listen: My slight full-fledged obsession with Lord of the Rings may or may not have influenced this next pick. I am completely head-over-heels in love with Ed Sheeran's I See Fire (the ending number for the Desolation of Smaug). It's absolutely beautiful and has quickly made its way to the number one most played song on my iTunes. No words.

Eat: January has been a fantastic month in the food universe for me. My recent adventure to Singapore provided so much delicious food to indulge myself with, so I couldn't possibly pick just one. Here are some of my faves from the last month: (clockwise) an Egyptian feast from the Arab Quarter in Singapore, an Indian banquet from Little India, possibly the strangest dessert I have ever come across, A Singapore Sling from Raffles, and a wok of scrumptious noodles from China Town. *licks lips* mmmm.

Product Pick: Lately I have been absolutely obsessed with the Models Prefer Liquid Light Brightening Primer. I won't harp on about it too much seeing as I have a full review up here but gosh darn this stuff transforms my makeup. It's love.

January was a fantastic month for me, so hopefully February will be just as kind to me! *fingers crossed*

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