Christmas Eve with Lush

With only one sleep left to go until the big man himself climbs down my non-existent chimney to fill my sack with goodies, I thought it was fitting to break out a bath bomb and take a bath to soothe my excited brain so I will be able to sleep before I wake up at 5am. I'd been saving a very special addition to their Christmas Collection for Christmas Eve and it was time to unleash the godliness of their Christmas Eve Bubble Bar.

The crescent moon shaped bubble bar is fragranced with calming jasmine and ylang ylang (not something I would usually choose) and when crumbled under the running water, filled my bath with soft bubbles and a pastel green coloured tub. Containing Irish moss powder, I found this bubble bar to be extremely luxurious despite the small $6.50 price tag in Australia, and my skin felt darn silky after my extended tub sesh. 

I felt this bubble bar was perfect for Christmas Eve- I now feel as though I will be completely out to it the second my head hits my Christmas pillow. Well, at least until my excitement wakes me up in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt to see if I have been on the nice list this year...

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  1. I love LUSH, lol.
    It's so crazy how they have these little bombs that explode in your shower ! it's so lovely
    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr